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Reading and Writing

Reading and Writing

Reading-and-WritingReading and writing are skills that many parents and guardians believe are intended for schoolers, but children can begin to learn about the alphabet and start to read and write from a much younger age. Reading in daycare is one way that children can begin to hone the skills that they will need for school.

Reading skills begin to appear when a child begins to recognize all of the letters of the alphabet. Children who know the sounds that go with each letter will begin to understand that these sounds can be combined to form some of the words that they already know. Caretakers can teach children to sound out each letter in small words to help children with beginning to read.

The next step after reading a word is writing it. Writing in childcare is another opportunity that children have to develop their skills before attending school. Hand-eye coordination and the ability to replicate letters by tracing each letter are skills that children must develop in order to be able to write entire words. Children are eventually able to leave the dotted lines behind in order to write letters and words on their own.

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