Objects and Shapes

Distinguishing Objects and Shapes

Objects-and-ShapesStudies have shown that a baby is able to group shapes from a very early age, but allowing children to hone these skills requires caretakers to provide them with educational toys and activities. Small babies are able to observe objects around them and mentally group these objects according to their shapes. While babies are not able to distinguish these shapes by name until much later, they are able to understand the differences and similarities between certain objects.

Early child development can be achieved by showing babies a variety of objects in different shapes and sizes. Books that feature shapes in contrasting shades like black and white have also been shown to help babies learn how to distinguish between different shapes from an early age.

Caretakers can encourage babies to learn more about shapes and objects by actively asking the children to group objects according to shape, color or other distinguishing characteristics. Child logic allows children to be able to accomplish this task during the toddler years.

Much of the learning about objects and shapes that a child will do occurs between the ages of six months and one year. It is important for caretakers to take advantage of a baby’s ability to soak in information during this formative period of time.

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