Numbers and Counting

Learning Numbers and Counting

Numbers-and-CountingCounting is a skill that children start to learn in preschool, but early familiarity with numbers can be fostered when caretakers make a point to review numbers and counting skills with children. Math logic is a topic that can be introduced when a child becomes a toddler. The first step is to teach a child to associate the written number with its name.

Parents and guardians can help children understand the significance of numbers by counting throughout the day. This can start as early as 12 months, and children may be able to pick up on counting when caretakers count items like the buttons on an outfit or the crackers in a morning snack. Children are often able to imitate the process of counting by the age of two, but most children cannot understand why they are reciting these numbers until they are three to four years of age.

Preschoolers begin to learn about the significance of adding and taking away items from a group in order to change the total number of items. This is the age range in which a child is able to begin understanding the meaning of counting in order.

ABC Learning Center and Childcare teaches schoolers numbers and counting skills that provide a foundation for grade school and beyond. The licensed and accredited Orlando childcare center is focused on providing children with a safe learning environment led by skilled staff members. Programs and childcare options are available for children from six months to 12 years of age.