Music and Instruments

Introduction to Music and Instruments

Music-and-InstrumentsWhen you trust ABC Learning Center and Childcare with your little ones, you receive more than just a safe, welcoming environment where your kids are cared for. We believe in helping your children thrive and live up to their full potential as they develop physically, mentally and emotionally.

As part of our holistic approach to childcare, we at ABC Learning Center encourage toddler and child creativity. Music, art and storytelling go a long way towards instilling a love for creating and learning. Self-expression is an important aspect of child development, and having an artistic outlet — or multiple outlets — promotes self-confidence, regardless of skill level.

Although raw talent isn’t necessarily the point here, encouraging kids to excel at something they’re good at can help them hone their skills. There’s no better time than during early childhood to start developing a skill, especially given the amount of energy the typical toddler is blessed with. Discovering innate talents or just an affinity for a certain activity can also help children develop the ability to focus.

Skills development is an essential component of a child’s education. However, learning an art form is also just plain fun. Dancing, singing and creativity in all its forms are integral to healthy child development, due at least in part to the realization that expressing oneself brings joy. Artistic expression in a social setting makes toddler and child creativity even more fulfilling.

Whatever your child’s level of skills development, we’d like to do our part in promoting his or her growth. We feel fortunate that Orlando parents entrust us with this important role. Give us a call today to find out how ABC Learning Center and Childcare can help your little ones develop into the healthiest, happiest people possible.