Fine Motor Skills

Mastering Fine Motor Skills

Fine-Motor-SkillsA baby will develop fine motor skills naturally by exploring their world, but parents and caretakers can help encourage early development by providing children with toys and household items that are safe and engaging. Many babies are able to practice mastering fine motor skills by reaching for toys and grasping objects. Toys that have a surface that is easy to grip and handles that allow a baby to pick up the item are ideal for this age group.

Babies are eventually able to try passing objects back and forth between each hand. Stacking is a natural progression for children who are developing their fine motor skills, and learning how to grip and grasp objects requires a child to improve coordination in order to achieve their goal.

Children who are able to begin eating solid foods often develop hand-eye coordination by gripping small foods between their fingers and bringing these foods to their mouth. Practicing fine motor skills can be as simple as working on eating finger foods in a highchair. Older babies and toddlers can develop these skills by working on art projects. Learning how to color on a piece of paper with a crayon or marker is a big milestone, and children are eventually able to understand how to stay within the lines when a coloring book is given to them.

ABC Learning Center and Childcare in Orlando is a licensed and accredited childcare center that employs experienced staff members who are dedicated to working with children to develop their fine motor skills. The principles of open communication and self-control are used to help children learn in a friendly, loving environment.