Arts and Crafts

Practice of Arts and Crafts

Arts-and-CraftsPainting, pasting, and lots of imagination are just the beginning of the fun that comes with arts and crafts. For toddlers, colorful items, particularly those that sparkle or shine, are mesmerizing. This is part of why arts and crafts are so appealing to these very young children. What’s more, having the opportunity to make their own creations as they immerse themselves in tactile substances such as finger paints, glitter and clay is an integral part of skills development for children at this age. These projects provide them a sense of fun and mastery at the same time.

Here at ABC Learning Center and Childcare, fostering children’s creativity while promoting child development is central to what we do. Among the skills we develop are fine motor skills. Through arts and crafts activities, toddlers begin to build small, precise movements of their thumbs, fingers and hands, developing the fine motor skills needed for more advanced activities. Therefore, children progress, for instance, from holding scissors with both hands at age two to cutting paper with one hand at age three.

As children’s skills grow and develop, arts and crafts activities that incorporate coloring and writing enable them to proceed from gripping crayons and pencils with a closed-fist grasp to using a pronated grasp with fingers pointed toward the paper. Likewise, manipulating clay to create new forms and picking up small items to include in craft projects, among other activities, further enhance children’s dexterity and coordination.

Of course, the best part of arts and crafts for these young learners is the fun they have working independently and collaborating with others. At ABC Learning Center and Childcare, we nurture child creativity, making learning fun and developmentally appropriate for each child.