Learning the Alphabet

AlphabetsLearning alphabets can be difficult for some pre-schoolers, but helping children make learning enjoyable by presenting a learning opportunity in the form of a game can help. Most children begin to learn the alphabet as toddlers. The first step in learning the alphabet is learning to recognize the difference between each letter. Caretakers can begin to highlight the different sounds that each letter makes when a child is about two years of age.

Pre-schoolers are able to learn the alphabet song by singing it repeatedly. Caretakers should take the initiative to show children pictures of each letter and associated words to ensure that children are able to understand the names of each letter. Games and activities that allow children to match letters and words that begin with those letters can help them hone their language skills from an early age.

Children will begin to sound out words when they recognize the sounds that go with each letter. Caretakers can guide this early step that must be taken when a child is getting ready to read by reviewing the spelling and sounds of short words with children.

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