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Daycare vs Staying Home Alone

Is My Child Old Enough to Stay Home Alone? As children grow up, parents begin to wonder if their child can stay home by themselves. After all, child care can be a lot of trouble and expense. And during the summer months, parents may really wish their child could be home alone for at least a little while. Of course, all children are different,

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Choosing the Right Daycare For Your Family

How to Choose the Right Daycare for Your Family’s Needs Choosing a daycare can be a tough decision. For one thing, not all daycare centers are the same; for another, even a good daycare with a positive reputation may not be the right one for your family. To help you make this important choice, here are some tips on how to choose the right

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Preparing Your Child for Daycare

How to Prepare Your Child (and Yourself!) for Daycare Are you dreading the day you take your child to daycare for the first time? Are you more excited instead? For many parents, this is one of the biggest decisions they’ll make regarding their child. It helps for everyone to be prepared – including you! Here are seven tips on how to prepare your child

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