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ABC Childcare and Learning Center has been recognized as one of the best preschool providers in Orlando! – expertise.com

Preschools in Orlando have been an increasing need specially with the new generation of millennials starting with their new family as they go on to change the world to provide a better future starting with their families. As an extension of the many families we serve, we understand that you as a parent want the very best for your child in terms of their care and education. ABC preschool and Childcare is committed to help parents finding the equilibrium between the demands of their family life and work while providing a healthy environment that nurtures your child by providing an stimulating learning environment that feels just like home!

Parents have found that ABC Learning Center delivers on this critical need.

Our programs are tailored based on age appropriate stages of child development, offering from baby infant care & toddler care to pre-school and even appropiate care for schoolers before and after school programs. Our learning programs are APPLE accredited, promoting early child development that will help them during their school years. With many years of experience, we strive to build, develop and care for the “wholistic care” balancing physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth.We encourage and challenge children to grow in all aspects of their personalities and development of character.  We are teaching them life skills and to make the right choices.

By creating a safe environment, in a warm, caring, loving atmosphere, where teachers support the nurturing and learn your child needs, and take a personal interest in your family’s childcare decision, and where each child’s natural curiosity and creativity is developed, ABC Learning Center is dedicated to provide the foundation to encourage your child’s self discovery and lifelong love to learning.

Parents are encouraged to be deeply involved in the development process.  It is our belief that we must work in partnership with our families to provide a stable, safe, and home- like environment for our children.  Parents are invited to share concern, feelings and suggestions about their children’s care, participate in our programs, and stop by anytime to observe how we fulfill our commitment.

Let us share with you, together, the satisfaction of your precious child’s physical and mental welfare.


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We are A.P.P.L.E. accredited!

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Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment

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What they say

We appreciate the daily feedback we receive about my sons schedule. Walking through the daycare to drop my son off I always saw the teachers interact beautifully with the children.

Victor Santini